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Potassium Titanate Material
These are utilized as a part of circle and drum brake cushions, grasp surfaces, brake strips, prepare brakes, boring apparatus brakes, bike erosion materials, and so forth to expand security execution, diminish brake clamor and natural contamination and broaden benefit life.

Sodium Silicates
Sodium silicates are functional as the strong adhesive. These are highly effective in bonding of metals in a strong, rigid and tough way. Supplied are widespread in the application of mold making as well as casting. These are demanded for the industries of textile, cements, refractories, automobiles and others. 

Mixed Silicates
The main applications of Mixed Silicates are in the sector of construction materials, detergents, water treatment, paper, and others. These have umpteen uses in several sectors. They are available in form of liquid and have the combination of sodium and potassium.
Lithium Silicates
Lithium silicates are functional as the free-flowing powder. These are functional as the raw material and are also useful for additives, concrete applications, refractories, welding electrode etc. They are accessible with advanced shelf life and are provided to patrons with a standard packaging.

Potassium Silicate Solid
Potassium Silicate Solid is well known for its multi purpose roles. This range of chemicals is available in 99% pure form. Long storage life, stable chemical attributes and non toxic content are some of the key features of this product range.